Anesthesia Reimbursement Maximization

Anesthesia Reimbursement Maximization... simply equates to making certain your practice management strategies are geared and designed in such a way as to achieve as well as maintain the maximum available reimbursement for professional anesthesia services. Whether provided by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, an Anesthesiologist, in the ACT or solo provider setting coupled with private practice or a more traditional employment model, maximum gain on available returns is the only key to a successful anesthesia practice. BCS is designed in such a way. Attention to detail and designed around the practice, BCS's Anesthesia Practice Management Services recognize the requirement to bring in all aspects of the whole practice in order to achieve reimbursement maximization. Customization of our operations is essential to your individual practice's success and 'big box' or 'one size fits all' solutions does not describe the comprehensive services of BCS.

Anesthesia services proposals, charge development, appropriate charge placement, practice valuation and evaluation, managed care contracting evaluations, and service level issues and answers. BCS takes each anesthesia practice from the point of practice implementation and walks through each of these critical issues with our clientele. Each client works with BCS President and Director of Management Services as well as a host of specialized BCS staff set to assist you in achieving anesthesia reimbursement maximization.

Ask our clientele, you will get a variety of reasons why BCS is the best choice for them, but above all it will be an individual reason tailored to what they asked us for in an Anesthesia Practice Management Service and our unsurpassed ability to tailor a customized services to meet their specific needs.