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WHO WE ARE ... BCS Healthcare Practice Management & Consulting Services

BCS, Incorporated is a healthcare practice management firm providing an impressive outsourcing alternative to the complex and comprehensive details of the day to day patient accounting operations of your healthcare practice. For more than 30 years we have been hard at work for providers just like you. From Anesthesia to General Surgery to Pathology, BCS has the expertise and more than three decades of experience to tailor a specific turn key operation for your practice. We are cost effective, cost controlling, comprehensive, detailed, and innovative in each practice's design. We will work with you as closely as is necessary to develop a practice management service for your practice that meets all of your needs. We are customized to your specific requirements, not forcing you into a cookie cutter design platform.

Since 1984, BCS, Incorporated has been producing positive changes in the healthcare practices contracted with BCS. Initially BCS was known for our focus and involvement in the day to day operations of hospital Patient Accounting functions and operations with emphasis on maximizing reimbursement and educating the staff members of the hospitals contracting with BCS. BCS would work side by side with the hospital Patient Accounting staff and conducting onsite in-services teaching and educating hospital business operations staff on methods to gain efficenies and reimbursement.

BCS’s continued growth allowed us to expand the organization to provide the largest Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Practice Management and Consulting Service available. BCS addresses a multitude of unique issues facing CRNAs, their employers, their administrative staff members, their professional associations, and of course their established practices and practice oppportunities. Although Anesthesia Practice Management remains at the core of BCS, due to our continued growth over the past 30+ years, BCS now manages hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare accounts receivable from a wide variety of healthcare providers and their respective practices that include CRNAs, Anesthesiologists, Chronic and Acute Pain Management Specialists, Pathologists, General, Vascular, and Orthopedic surgeons, and Podiatrists.

BCS has a proven historical track record that impacts your practice’s performance by reducing AR Days Outstanding, maintaining Bad Debt percentages that are well below industry averages, allowing BCS’s practice management operations and integrated services to reduce the duration of the actual billing process from days to hours, thereby increasing cash flow, reducing AR balances, and aggressively addressing the important issues of practice compliance, security, and the protection of private health information. BCS’s proprietary information systems can extract and analyize practice performance data in nearly an instant while also easily customizing reporting formats for each client at no additional costs. BCS’s innovative practice management solutions are hard at work today in hospitals and healthcare systems across the nation as well as small to large private group practices. Let BCS’s President, Lee S. Broadston and the staff of experts at BCS get to work for you today and allow you the freedom to practice your specialty as you intended, free of the complex issues surrounding the administration and practice management of today’s healthcare practice.


  • All BCS Operations are ICD10-CM and 5010 Compliant, tested, operational
  • Certified Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Services CCS, CCSP-Anes, RHIA, CCC, CIRCC
  • Proven, Experienced Outsourcing Solutions Based 100% in the USA Solutions Fully Operational Today Ready and Waiting - Plug in
  • Complete and comprehensive provider payer credentialing, enrollment, and contracting services
  • Reimbursement Contract Evaluations and Negotiations
  • Patient Payment Systems utilizing technology to enhance the practice’s cash flow, performance, and reporting
  • Information systems are wholly owned, managed, and operationally based within BCS corporate headquarters, virtually no outsourced services.


BCS is a complete Healthcare Practice Management and Consulting Service organization, providing a broad variety of healthcare practice management services to the management teams of today's healthcare practices. BCS brings to your practice an experienced, proven, and entirely proprietary Practice Management System entitled, PassAdvance. PassAdvance coupled with our experienced US based staff -nothing offshore- of experts are at the core of our operations. It is this core that brings superior results and performance for all of our clientele. Information gathering, processing, analyzing, and reporting in today's instantaneous business environment is key to your practice's survival.

Our Healthcare Practice Consulting Services utilize many of the resources and experts already in place within BCS's Practice Management System. Capturing, evaluating, reporting, and developing multiple recommended courses of action. Look to BCS to provide you with the following services:

  • Practice implementation and Practice Evaluation
  • Practice Service Proposals - RFP Responses
  • Comprehensive Professional Services Billing
  • Detailed Practice Analysis - On Demand, Periodic, Monthly
  • Procedure and Diagnosis code assignment by Certified Professionals -RHIA, CCS, CCS-Anes, CCS-Pain
  • Third party payer Contracting and Payer Credentialing
  • Remote Access to Practice Data and Reporting
  • E-Solutions to Data Capture, Patient Access and Payment
  • Comprehensive Compliance Auditing

BCS President - Lee S. Broadston


During the past 35+ years, advancement has been made from being employed by a single aspect of the healthcare industry providing consulting, educational, and productive solutions to the healthcare marketplace; to becoming an employer in the healthcare industry producing a multiple level of comprehensive practice management, consulting, educational, and resource services. Services that are available to all types and levels of providers within the healthcare industry resulting in the production of positive solutions for the demands of today’s ever changing healthcare marketplace. Solutions that include comprehensive multi-specialty healthcare practice management and consulting services in over 40 states nationwide, educational lecture series to local, state, and national healthcare associations, and BCS corporate sponsored events, related authored and published articles and publications, and individual in-depth professional group and hospital consulting studies and analysis throughout the United States, as well as negotiations in employment, independent practice, hospital and professional healthcare provider reimbursement, and contracted healthcare services.

Professional Outline

President/Chief Executive Officer
BCS, Incorporated / Broadston Consulting Services, Incorporated
Healthcare Practice Management and Consulting Services

As the Chief Executive Officer and President, Lee S. Broadston created BCS in 1984 to develop a unique approach to the ever changing hospital reimbursement environment. This was successfully accomplished by implementing the concept of BCS’s On-Site Consultant Placement service. Within both the rural and urban hospital’s administrative team, BCS focused on reimbursement issues, patient accounting, and overall business operations of the facility. As a result, hundreds of thousands of reimbursement dollars once thought lost, were captured and actualized by the hospitals working with BCS.

In 1988, BCS implemented its Professional Services Division, which presently specializes in providing complete practice management services to anesthesia, surgical, and other physician specialty practices all throughout the United States. As managed care has continued to become a significant factor in practice management, BCS has secured and negotiated reimbursement agreements for providers that at one time were not recognized by the managed care entity. Furthermore, BCS has extensive experience in negotiating such “real life” agreements that result in a satisfactory gain for its clientele. Drawing from nearly 35+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, BCS provides a comprehensive consulting service to various providers and professional associations in the healthcare market, such as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, physician specialties such as, Anesthesiologists, General/Vascular Surgeons, Podiatrists, Pathologists, and Ophthalmologists. Furthermore, BCS is continually present in the hospital consulting market, in providing in-depth financial and reimbursement analysis into specific departments of the facilities from both local hospital as well as nationally recognized academic health centers and corporate hospital markets across the United States.