Comments From Our Clients

Thank you lee! .... Always the utmost professionalism and promptness in responses and resolutions! Appreciate you and your team CRNA Independent practice eastern USA
Many kudos to Graham for his diligence and persistence. THIS kind of service is what sets BCS apart from other billing and management companies. We are so grateful you are all on our team. Have a super weekend; and again thank you so much, A practicing CRNA Group from Montana
Comments from a CRNA independent practice located in the central USA ... "Thanks for making all this happen! Unbelievable service man. Truly!" a CRNA independent practice located in the central USA
You and all your staff over the years have been exemplary! I wish you and yours all the best! A CRNA Practice from the southern USA
Good Afternoon Lee, Thank you for your response. We appreciate all that you and your staff do to run a smooth operation for us. Midwest USA Hospital based Health System
Comments from a CRNA Group Practice from the Appalachian Region of the USA ... Thanks Lee and really appreciate you reaching out on Sunday evening. Your service, guidance and dedication to both our and your business is unmatched. BCS is in a league of their own! B. O'Dell, CRNA, Partner - CRNA Group Practice from the Appalachian Region of the USA ...
Comments from a CRNA group from the eastern USA when asked for feedback on their experience working with BCS throughout the practice implementation process and their experience " .... I’ve been so impressed from your team, and so thankful for all your work. Quote me anonymous or not at any time!" A CRNA anesthesia group practice from the eastern USA - urban practice setting
Lee, I greatly appreciate the support you and your team have provided over the past 5+ years. I have nothing but highest praise for what your team has done for my business. Every person I have had the pleasure of working with at BCS has gone beyond what I could have expected to help me be successful. I give your information out to everyone who is struggling with billing as I know getting you involved will be the solution to their problem! Thank you for your help! Please pass this along to your team members. I have greatly appreciated their help and guidance over the years. General Surgeon - Upper Midwest
Thanks to the Credentialing Staff at BCS for tackling this for us. You are a rock star! Your hard work and dedication to the details, and advocating for our anesthesia group does NOT go unnoticed!! Thank you !!!! Anesthesia Group in the northwest USA
A comment from a newly implemented CRNA Group from Colorado .... "Thank you so much, you and your team are amazing!!" A Colorado based Group Practice of CRNAs
Regarding a recent BCS educational session - “…The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! Thank you." A Nurse Anesthesia Program Director
Thanks Lee! I appreciate all your help this year! You guys are the best! CRNA Ophthalmological Practice
BCS Clientele are always welcome to visit BCS onsite and when they do it is always an excellent experience for all. Here is a comment from a recent BCS client who was onsite at BCS... "It was great to meet your staff. I was very impressed with your operation." CRNA Group
Thank you Lee ... You always do. BCS is the best. CRNA Group - Southern USA
Regarding the transition process to BCS of an existing anesthesia practice ... I can tell you that I am amazed at your effiency and attention to detail. Western USA CRNA Practice.
BCS - Analytical reporting comment.... Good Afternoon Lee: THIS IS GREAT ! Thank you so much. Very much appreciate how quickly you compiled this too. Surgical Group Practice
Good morning Lee! Thank you so much. Another great year (2018) with BCS! Happy holidays. CRNA independent practice southern USA
"I have worked with 3 other billing agencies in my career, and BCS is by far the most efficient, tenacious and thorough. Our conversion to their company was painless and we saw an almost immediate jump in our revenue. If you don't bill right, you won't get paid right. Lee and his team know the anesthesia billing business!" Upper Midwest CRNA Group
Thanks for your help Lee. I appreciate all the time you and your staff put into my practice. I will pass along the great service you provide to whomever I can in the future, your staff does a great job. Upper Midwest CRNA Practice
Thank you for the fast response. Debra and yourself are always on the top of everything. CRNA Facility Based Practice
“…I've always been so impressed with your eagerness to assist in every way possible. I appreciate being able to bounce ideas off of you, that level of expertise and commitment is profound. I look forward to working with you in a third facility! Southern USA Health System
From an expanding privately practicing CRNA group in the central US - "... Thank you BCS for doing such an excellent job!"
Comments regarding BCS practice infromation and responsiveness to clientele needs ... "Wow....very thorough, thank you for the update..." Southern USA CRNA Group
Lee, this is absolutely fantastic!!! It is good getting this detail so early. Thanks for all that you do!! Most definitely!!! You come highly recommended by me! Thanks for being so efficient. From a large metropolitian health system who has worked with BCS for more than 15 years...
Your thoroughness, promptness and expertise are helping me beyond the words I can express! This is exactly what I need to increase my knowledge base and improve my confidence. Thank you, Lee An urban CRNA group from the east coast
Marsha Edwards, CRNA - Tidewater Anesthesia, Inc - " ... I do appreciate all of your (BCS) efforts, it allows me to focus on patient care..."
You’ve (BCS) gone above and beyond, thanks! East Coast Private Practice CRNA Anesthesia Group
Just wanted let you know how simple it is to upload our case data to BCS electronically and securely, easily done in between cases throughout the day...thanks for the innovation. .... CRNA group from east central US.
Good Afternoon Lee and Sally ... Thank you once again for your attentiveness to the issue. I know you and your team are doing everything you can to make our business successful. Thank you ....An urban CRNA Anesthesia Practice An urban CRNA Anesthesia Practice
Certainly, thank you for the strength in your communication! Hospital Administration
Thank you for working together to maximize the financial outcomes for our organization…. southern US hospital administration
Thank you for the directives Lee. Hospital Admin
Good morning! Thanks Lee, I really appreciate everything. Your company has been wonderful. Thanks for being so dependable and easy to work with. Have a great day! CRNA ASC Based Practice - Southern USA
! I’m been VERY happy with your company, thought you should know CRNA Group Practice AR
BCS .. Thanks for all your help and input. You are unbelievably responsive and we appreciate that tremendously! Bryan O'Dell, CRNA Oasis Anesthesia, LLC - Ohio
Thank you very much for the clarification and we are more than ecstatic with how BCS does collections. Our arrangement with you has worked out wonderfully. CRNA Anesthesia Group from the eastern US
Thanks so much! You are amazing providing such a detailed response in such a short time An anesthesia group practice from the SE USA
Thanks Lee, I always appreciate your insight and you are always so quick in your responses to our requests and analyzing our practice data. You and the staff at BCS are incredible…. Thanks again. Hospital Administrative Team Member
Good Morning Lee and all at BCS - Thank you for your outstanding service. An Upper Midwest CRNA Anesthesia group
Thank you BCS for your years of service! I was told BCS was the best, and they were right! .. ..a CRNA practice from Arkansas
"....I would like to convey our heart-felt thanks to the two of you as well as the incredible cadre of dedicated professionals that represent BCS! You are the best and we cannot thank you enough for your support which contributed greatly to the success of my practice. God Bless you all!" From the Pacific NW
BCS is so prompt, I really appreciate the fact that I can always count on you whenever I need any analytics or deeper information on our practice, fast, accurate, and prompt. Southern USA CRNA group
"Wow BCS ....You are amazing!!! Thank you for all your hard work for our practice. Our business couldn't run without you!!" An upper Midwest CRNA Group Practice
Hi Lee, Let me say, BCS does a great job! …Thank you, it's much easier to complain than say thank you, isn't it. .... I appreciate the excellent work you all do at BCS. Take Care
"Lee and the team at BCS have done a great job in guiding my practice through the complicated process of transferring to a different entity for our billing / management services. The benefits of going with BCS are apparent from the very start.”
Y'all are so on top of things and honest. Thanks for pointing this out. Once again, my compliments to you on how your company runs. It clearly starts at the top.
…I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and your staff for doing such a good job for our facility and anesthesia group. I have no complaints. A southern US hospital based anesthesia practice
…Lee… I have been very satisfied with your services in many ways. A CRNA group in the western US
…you guys {the staff of BCS} are fantastic!… we would be happy to be listed as a reference… A group of hospital based CRNAs on the west coast
…I have absolutely no reservations regarding providing the highest recommendation for you and your company! Please feel free to use me as a reference…
…Lee… As always you exceed my expectations. A Director of Nurse Anesthesia Services in a large urban Midwestern health system
…Lee… Thank you. And thank you for your guidance in this matter… We appreciate all you do for us…
…Today's webinar lecture was perfect. You presented all the information that the CRNA's wanted and more. As always Lee, BCS is amazing! A Michigan Director of Nurse Anesthesia from a large urban practice
Hello Lee and all at BCS,
Thanks! I appreciate your work. A CRNA from MO
I have heard great things about you from other CRNAs in the state. If I am ever in a position requiring your services, I will definitely use your excellent services. Thank You again for the information provided and for all you do for CRNAs.
…Your talk really added to our seminar and we got lots of comments about how valuable your talk was. I think most people are grateful that there is a guy like you with a good business sense helping guide us through current times and stand up for us at the national level!
The students loved your presentation, you and BCS are an excellent resource…
…Thank you [BCS] for your help throughout the years. Your services have been outstanding…
…Lee, Thank you for the reply. Am looking at attending your next meeting. Thanks again for coming to our meeting! A CRNA from the Midwest
…I will tell you though, now, that I think they {Sessions by Broadston} were by far the favorites for the weekend …You really opened some {CRNA Attendees} eyes and made some people {CRNAs} think. A CRNA from the Upper Midwest
…Do you have your presentations on video- something I could present to our workplace?… A CRNA from South Dakota
…Do you think you could come back next year and expand on what you shared this year?…
BCS has worked for me for 10 years and please let everyone know what a wonderful, professional and personable organization BCS is. Thanks to everyone for their commitment to my success in private practice and billing…
From my very first interaction with you, to my review of the packet your company presented … I have been impressed to the highest possible level. Every conversation … has been carried out with a highly professional tone … has made me feel that I am a very important client, and not just another customer. The professionalism speaks loudly. A CRNA Anesthesia Practice
…you have been a tremendous help with my new assignments. I really appreciate all you and your staff have done… A BCS Hospital client from the southern USA
BCS…thanks for the special practice analysis… very prompt, very useful.. Thanks a whole bunch! A CRNA Practice from the Upper Rockies
…profuse thanks for being a friend to CRNA's… A Michigan CRNA
BCS has done a great job for us. We thank you,and recommend you to other CRNA groups. Your presentation at the SD meeting was excellent.
…Incredible work BCS … Thank you Lee. Happy New Year! A urban CRNA anesthesia practice VP from the southeast.
Lee… I am impressed with how thorough BCS is in these matters. Thank you for the great service.
…thank you so much for everything, I appreciate your excellent work…
…Lee, you and your staff are the greatest contribution anesthesia can have…
Very important topic - thanks for including it in the program…
…Lee, please share with all of the BCS staff our overwhelming satisfaction with all aspects and interactions with BCS…
Hello, BCS… hope you are all well and prospering… thanks a million, BCS is the best!
…I appreciate the great work BCS has done. I would be bankrupt now if it weren't for you.
Excellent service…refreshing from what we experienced previously…
Always prompt in your replies, thanks to all BCS staff…
…practice projections were right on target…
…I appreciate the certified coding staff at BCS…
…believe me, we sincerely appreciate and acknowledge the complexities that BCS provides to our group…
…90% of all attendees Strongly Agreed, Lee S. Broadston met or exceeded their expectations and the outcomes set forth for the sessions he presented.
…90% of all attendees Strongly Agreed, Lee S. Broadston was an effective presenter…
…Very timely topic for my practice and issues in rural practice…
…Great Information!
…Interesting…informative…Excellent presenter…
Very important topic - thanks for including it in the program…