Please note that BCS and all aspects of our operations remain fully operational during this difficult time of the COVID 19 outbreak. BCS staff are fully functional and operational, proceeding on as normal as best is possible in a rather abnormal time. All BCS staff are well and have no illness. For the safety of BCS staff and the assurance of operations, BCS has moved 45% of our entire staff to remote operational locations, i.e. secured environments in their residences. All BCS staff who are now working remotely – have been since late March 2020 in many cases- have their BCS phone lines forwarded to their remote locations and full access to all BCS email communications and all information systems. BCS staff can be contacted via email and voice at any time during the regular workday but if you do receive our secure VM messages, please understand that we are alerted to those messages and will promptly return your calls. Our operations remain fully functional, we are processing all professional services that are uploaded or faxed into our systems and we are processing all incoming patient account activity and disbursing those funds as usual.

Throughout this ordeal, BCS has been fully functioning and operational and BCS has been designated by the Dept of Homeland Security an "Essential Critical Infrastructure workforce member." This has allowed us to move back and forth between our homes and BCS freely and easily as we remain committed to our clientele and overall public and employee safety. BCS remains a safe environment.

Our Patient Accounting Staff has remained quite busy throughout this time and continues to assist your patient community with any questions or payment processing they request. These BCS staff members are always available Monday – Friday 8.30 am - 4.00 pm CST to answer any questions from your patient and payer communities. Our weekly disbursement processes and practice performance reporting continues as usual, uninterrupted.

If you have any questions please contact Lee S. Broadston, BCS President at 952-442-3614 / 888-278-4124 or Debra Larson, BCS Operations Administrator at 952-442-3603 / 888-278-4110 during regular business hours. As always, we are committed to your practice’s success.

Thank you - Lee S. Broadston, BCS President & CEO – 888-278-4124