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Q. How are we certain we are maximizing CRNA reimbursement within our facility?

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Q. What is the necessity of obtaining an NPI -National Provider Identifier?

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Q. Does an entity as well as an individual provider need an NPI?

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Q. What does the term "most favored nation" mean as it appears in many third party payer reimbursement agreements and participation agreements?

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Q. What is an RFP?

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Q. Does it make any difference if I select CPT-4 codes from the Surgical or Anesthesia Sections?

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Q. Since the Medicare Modifier -QS is not valid for actual reimbursement calculation, does it really need to be used?

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Q. How long will it take to develop a cash flow from a new practice opportunity?

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Q. I have graduated from Anesthesia School, but have not taken my certification examination, can I still bill for my services since I have completed my required anesthesia program?

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Q. In evaluating a practice opportunity what questions or data should I be requesting from the practice?

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Q. I plan to do all of my own procedure and diagnosis coding, -CPT-4 and ICD9-CM coding) is this a good idea?

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Q. Is it necessary to have type of contract with a facility/hospital before I commence providing anesthesia services?

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Q. Why would I use an ABN-Medicare Beneficiary Advance Benefit Notification document?

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Clientele Comments
Comments directly from BCS Clientele:

“….I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you and your staff for doing such a good job for our facility and anesthesia group. I have no complaints.”

A southern US hospital based anesthesia practice

“…Lee … I have been very satisfied with your services in many ways.”

A CRNA group in the western US

“…you guys {the staff of BCS} are fantastic!.... we would be happy to be listed as a reference…”

A group of hospital based CRNAs on the west coast.

“…I have absolutely no reservations regarding providing the highest recommendation for you and your company! Please feel free to use me as a reference…”

A private practicing CRNA from the northwest.

“…Lee… As always you exceed my expectations.”

…A Director of Nurse Anesthesia Services in a large urban Midwestern health system.

“…Lee… Thank you. And thank you for your guidance in this matter…… We appreciate all you do for us……”

an anesthesia practice manager from America’s heartland.

“…Today's webinar lecture was perfect. You presented all the information that the CRNA's wanted and more. As always Lee, BCS is amazing!”

A Michigan Director of Nurse Anesthesia from a large urban practice.

Hello Lee and all at BCS,
Thanks! I appreciate your work.

A CRNA from MO

"Mr Broadston:
Thank You for the excellent information. It was a pleasure to hear you and speak with you at the MANA convention. I agree quite wholeheartedly with you re:healthcare reform(transform!). Hopefully free-market reforms will result but I'm not holding my breath.

I have heard great things about you from other CRNAs in the state. If I am ever in a position requiring your services, I will definitely use your excellent services. Thank You again for the information provided and for all you do for CRNAs.

A CRNA from the Upper Midwest"

“....Your talk really added to our seminar and we got lots of comments about how valuable your talk was. I think most people are grateful that there is a guy like you with a good business sense helping guide us through current times and stand up for us at the national level!” ...

A CRNA Continuing Educational Program Director

“The students loved your presentation, you and BCS are an excellent resource...”

An Anesthesia Program Director

“....It has been my pleasure to work with you and others at BCS over the years. The billing expertise is exceptional and numerous times over the years I have stated that to other facilities.”

“...Thank you also for all of the work you have done and time you have taken throughout this year in assisting me personally and our members as well when we are in need of some solid "BCS Guidance.”

"...Thank you [BCS] for your help throughout the years. Your services have been outstanding..."

An anesthesiologist from the Eastern US

"....Lee, Thank you for the reply. Am looking at attending your next meeting. Thanks again for coming to our meeting!"

A CRNA from the Midwest.

".....I will tell you though, now, that I think they {Sessions by Broadston} were by far the favorites for the weekend ...You really opened some {CRNA Attendees} eyes and made some people {CRNAs} think."

A CRNA from the Upper Midwest.

"....Do you have your presentations on video- something I could present to our workplace?..."

A CRNA from South Dakota

"...Do you think you could come back next year and expand on what you shared this year?..."

A CRNA Educational Program Director

“BCS has worked for me for 10 years and please let everyone know what a wonderful, professional and personable organization BCS is. Thanks to everyone for their commitment to my success in private practice and billing.... ”

A CRNA Practice in Colorado.

"From my very first interaction with you, to my review of the packet your company presented ... I have been impressed to the highest possible level. Every conversation ... has been carried out with a highly professional tone ... has made me feel that I am a very important client, and not just another customer.

The professionalism speaks loudly."

A CRNA Anesthesia Practice

"...you have been a tremendous help with my new assignments. I really appreciate all you and your staff have done ..."

A BCS Hospital client from the southern USA.

"BCS...thanks for the special practice analysis... very prompt, very useful.. Thanks a whole bunch!"

A CRNA Practice from the Upper Rockies

"profuse thanks for being a friend to CRNA's..."

A Michigan CRNA

"BCS has done a great job for us. We thank you,and recommend you to other CRNA groups.

Your presentation at the SD meeting was excellent."

A CRNA from Central USA

Comments directly from BCS Clientele:

“…Incredible work BCS …. Thank you Lee. Happy New Year!” … A urban CRNA anesthesia practice VP from the southeast.

“Lee… I am impressed with how thorough BCS is in these matters. Thank you for the great service.” …CRNA Practice from the Midwest…

“…thank you so much for everything, I appreciate your excellent work…” - An Anesthesiologist from New England

“…Lee, you and your staff are the greatest contribution anesthesia can have…”

“…Lee, please share with all of the BCS staff our overwhelming satisfaction with all aspects and interactions with BCS…”

"Hello, BCS… hope you are all well and prospering… thanks a million, BCS is the best!"

"…I appreciate the great work BCS has done. I would be bankrupt now if it weren't for you."

“Excellent service…refreshing from what we experienced previously…”

“Always prompt in your replies, thanks to all BCS staff…”

“…practice projections were right on target…”

“…I appreciate the certified coding staff at BCS…”

“…believe me, we sincerely appreciate and acknowledge the complexities that BCS provides to our group…”

"…90% of all attendees Strongly Agreed, Lee S. Broadston met or exceeded their expectations and the outcomes set forth for the sessions he presented."

"…90% of all attendees Strongly Agreed, Lee S. Broadston was an effective presenter…"

"…Very timely topic for my practice and issues in rural practice…"

"…Great Information!"

"…Interesting……informative……Excellent presenter…"

"Very important topic - thanks for including it in the program…"

BCS Health Information Technology - Safe - Secure - Compliant
  • All BCS Operations are ICD10-CM and 5010 Compliant, tested, operational.
  • Certified Procedure and Diagnosis Coding Services
    • CCS, CCSP-Anes, RHIA

  • Proven, Experienced Outsourcing Solutions Based 100% in the USA
    • Solutions Fully Operational Today Ready and Waiting - Plug in
  • Payer Credentialing Services
  • Reimbursement Contract Evaluations and Negotiations
  • ePatient Payment Systems
    • Utilizing Technology to enhance Financial Performance

Who We Are
    BCS, Incorporated is a healthcare practice management firm providing a impressive outsourcing alternative to the complex and comprehensive details of day to day patient accounting operations of your healthcare practice. For more than 25 years we have been hard at work for providers just like you. From Anesthesia to General Surgery, to Pathology BCS has the expertise and more than two decades of experience to tailor a specific turn key operation for your practice. Cost effective, cost controlling, comprehensive, detailed and innovative in each practice's design. We will work with you as closely as is necessary to develop a practice management service for your practice that meets all of your needs. We are customized to your specific requirements, not forcing you into a cookie cutter design platform.

    We have been known to greatly increase efficiency, cash flow, HIPAA and coding compliance, and overall AR performance in a way that maximizes the available reimbursement for your professional services. Our innovative and creative practice solutions are hard at work today in hospitals and healthcare systems across the country as well as within small to large private group practices. Let BCS get to work for you and allow you the freedom to practice your specialty as you intended, free of the complex issues surrounding the administration and practice management of today's healthcare practice.

Lee S Broadston

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